Zhivago Menu



Gourmet Sampler $22.00
(Recommended for four people.) Meat fire crackers, fried calamari, bruschetta “Europa”, Shrimp cocktail.
Russian Style pan fried potatoes with mushrooms $9.99
Norem / Ipsma / Garlic
Seared Tuna & Seaweed $12.99
Sashimi grade Tuna rolled in Nori, pan seared and served with pickled ginger.
Caspian Smoked Sturgeon $12.50
Coldsmoked with an old world blend of Hickory, mesquite & oak, served with creme fraiche, Spanish capers & scallions.
Blinis a La Dr. Zhivago $11.99
Peter the Great’s favorite appetizer. The best in the world from Russia. Assimilates beautifuly with frozen shot of Vodka or chilled Champagne.
Brushetta Mediterranian $6,99
Marinated Roma tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil served Boccochini mozarella on a rosted garlic Italian bread.
Fire Cracker Meat Rolls $7.99
Wonton dough rolled with meat, fried and served with Asian – Mustard sauce.
Fried Calamari and Vegetables $9.99
erved with mango-chili coulis and spicy mayo sauces.
Puff pastry with Feta and Mozzarella cheese $7.99
Spread Combination $6.99
Humus, eggplant, artichoke and spinach served with toasted pita.
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail $6.99
Served with zesty coctail sauce.
Schmaltz Herring $6.99
Chilled slices of marinated herring served with onions & boiled dill potatoes.
Mushroom Julienn baked with cheeses $8.99


Authentic Borsht (Cup) $3.00
Soup of the day $1.50
Soup of the day (Bowl) $2.79


Garden Dinner Salad $2.99
Small Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $8.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $12.99
Mediterranian Seafood Salad $10.99
Rock shrimp, calamari and crabmeat tossed mesculaiin mixed greens and sesame vinaigrette.
Fresh Cucumber & Tomato Salad $9.99
Choice of: Sour Cream & Mayo or Oil and vinegar.
Grilled Vegetable Salad $11.99
Grilled eggplant, zucchini, asparugas served warm over mixed greens with Italian Red wine vinaigrette & fresh mozzarella.
Seaweed & Crabmeat Salad $9.99


Wild Mushroom Ravioli $12.99
With mushroom Alfredo sauce.
Pierogies (Vareniki) $11.99
Pasta pockets with potato & caramelized onions.


Maple Rosemary Salmon $18.99
Served with Shitake mushrooms and Maole Rosemerry broth.
Shrimp Scampy $18.99
Sauteed with Roma tomatoes, fresh spinach & lemon butter sauce.


New Zealand Rack of Lamb $24.99
Char grilled & served with Vesuvio sauce.
Filet Mignon $24.99
Mushroom cap and red wine sauce
Beef Kebob $18.99
Marinated Beef tenderloin skewered & grilled.
Chicken Kebob $14.99
Marinated Chicken skewered & grilled.


Beef Tenderloin Schnitzel $19.99
Filet medallions in panko crumbs sauteed with Dijon butter
Beef Stroganoff ala St. Petersburg $16.99
Julienned beef tenderloin sauteed in a light creamy mushroom sauce,served with buckwheat kasha and bow-tie pasta.
Stuffed Pepper and Cabbage $12.99
With ground chicken meat, carrots, sauteed onions & rice, topped with tomato sauce.
Chicken ala “Kiev” $16.99
Chicken breast stuffed with dill butter lightly breaded in Asian crumbs and served with Momay sauce