List of Extras

List of Extras

Buffet Style

Baby goat on a special display with decor and presentation from $250.00
Baby pig on a mirror or a special display with decor and presentation from $150.00
Seafood boat (jumbo shrimps and crab claws / crab legs on ice) $5.00 per/person
Black/red caviar station with home made blinis / oladushki $5.00 p/person

Hors D’Oeuvres

White/black bread canopies or crackers with:
A) Seafood
(salmon, sturgeon, red/black caviar and more) $1.00 – $2.00 per/person
B) Meat (salami, chicken, beef with a mustard sauce)
Crackers with eggplant spread with tomato and capers $1.00 per/person
Foi gra pate on crackers $5.00 per/person
Asparagus beef tempura $3.50 per/person
Tomato tempura on sticks $2.50 per/person
Cheese assortment with decor $2.50 per/person
Fruit assortment (seasonal fruit) $2.50 per/person

Vegetarian Salads

“Caprisi” tomato mozzarella salad with basil & mint (add portobello mushrooms) $3.00 p/person
Bow – tie pasta salad with tomatoes, basil and pine nuts $2.00 p/person
Grilled vegetable salad with mozzarella $2.00 p/person
Mozzarella & sundried tomato salad with olives $3.00 p/person
Russian salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, red/green pepper with oil & vinegar or mayo & sour creme) $2.00 p/person

Seafood Salads

Oriental rock shrimp tempura salad with spicy sweet
Ginger sauce & sesame seeds (add coconut shrimps) $3.00 p/person
Seaweed salad with massago and spicy mayo $2.50 p/person
Spicy seafood salad $2.50 p/person
Seafood salad (crab meat imitation, mussels, spring mix, mini shrimps) $2.50 p/person
Crabmeat salad $2.00 p/person

Meat Salads (no pork)

Beef tongue salad $2.00 p/person
Beef sashimi salad $3.00 p/person
Chicken pineapple salad $2.00 p/person
Honey dijon chicken tender salad with cranberries and sugared walnuts $2.50 p/person
Duck breast salad $3.00 p/person


Smoked chilean sea bass with basil / cilantro sauce $4.00 p/person
Fresh sushi assortment (beef tempura, eel, tuna, crabmeat, salmon, avocado and others) $3.00 p/person
Smoked lake trout with caviar $40.00 (for 15-20p)
Shrimp cocktail (crab legs and crab claws are also available) $2.75 p/person
Eel teriyaki with garnishes $3.00 p/person
Poppy seed tuna & tuna tartar $3.00 p/person
Salmon napoleon with red caviar ( add smoked sea bass) $3.00 p/person pineapple tower with crab legs / fresh oysters in open sheles $4.00 p/person home made warm blinis with red/ black caviar $2.50 – $4.50 p/person
Red caviar canopies garnished with eggs and sour creme $2.00 p/person
Home made blinis roll with eel & avocado ina massago sauce $3.50 p/person

Others, no pork

Beef carpaccio with quail eggs, black olives & capers $3.50 p/person
Beef carpaccio on parmesan crusted tomato & artichokes $3.50 p/person
Grilled beef tongue with mayo sauce $2.00 p/person
Beef tongue slices $2.00 p/person
Premium meat assortment (may contain pork) $3.00 p/person
Moskovian duck with a cherry sauce $2.50 p/person

Puff pastry with spinach and cheese or hachapuri $2.00 p/person
Zhulien with a flame $2.50 p/person
Foi gra on grenka with currant sauce (black currant) $12.00 p/person
Fire crackers with meat $1.50 p/person
Siberian pelmeni $2.00 p/person
Vareniki with potatoes or sour cabbage $2.00 p/person
Beef tempura $3.00 p/person
Stuffed pepper & cabbage $2.50 p/person
Chicken teriyaki $2.50 p/person
Red snapper with a special decor and presentation $150.00 up to 20 people
Sweet and sour cat fish with decor $2.00 p/person
Seafood kebob flambe $4.00 p/person
Shrimp shumai $3.00 p/person
Flatbread with tuna, shrimps & avocado $3.00 p/person

Main Course

(family style or individual)
(call for price)

Rack of lamb (4 pieces)
Kebob (on metal or wood sticks)
Filet mignon or filet of beef tenderloin
Beef stroganoff
Kotlet a pozharska ya
Beef goulyash
Lula kebob
Cyplyata tabaka
Chilean sea bass with veggies
Tilapia fillet
Salmon fillet
Lobster tail with sweet & spicy sauce
Risotto paella (shrimps, mussels, quails, risotto with mushrooms)

Sirniki with berry sauce $2.00
Bunchiki with cheese (comes as a hot appetizer) $2.00
Fried cheese cake $4.00
Frutto de basco $4.00
Vareniki with berries and sauce $2.00
Berry shots with creme or creme de casis $2.50
Papaya creme de casis $2.50
Coffee glasse $1.50
Spartak $2.25
Napoleon $2.00
Carrot cake $2.00
Cheese cake $2.25
Tiramisu $3.00

Other special items are available.
If you have any questions feel free to talk to our Catering manager.

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