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Menu for Groups


Canopy Petite Hors Os: 
• Smoked salmon canopies
• Smoked sturgeon canopies

• Rumaki
• Shrimp
• Stuffed mushroom (with spinach and cheese)
• Chicken and beef teriyaki
• BBQ meatballs
• Fresh tomato and mozzarella salad
• Eggplant roll with Portobello and goat cheese
• Vegetarian Delight (stuffed potato halves)

• Shrimp diavalo
• Scallops in burr blanc sauce
• Shrimp cocktail
• Blintz with red caviar
• Smoked salmon and sturgeon assortments

Other appetizers:
• Gourmet Appetizer Sampler (for 4-6 people) (Calamari, brochette, Portobello Napoleon & firecrackers meat rolls)
• Black Sea Calamari (for 3-4 people)  (Lightly battered & served with dipping sauces)
• West Coast Brochette (for 3-4 people)(Grilled bread, smothered with plum diced tomatoes, California sun dried tomatoes, roasted zucchini & roasted eggplant)
• Jumbo shrimp cocktail (for 3-4 people) (Served with zesty cocktail sauce)
• Artichoke & Spinach Fondue (for 3-4 people) (Baked & served with roasted crostini)
• Firecrackers Meat rolls (for 3-4 people)(Dough wrapped with meat, fried & served with Asian sauce;???Chebureki???)
• Vegetable Tray (with dipping sauces)
• Cheese Tray (assorted cheeses with crackers)


All entrees include bread & butter, garden salad (Caesar  extra), rice, roasted potatoes & mixed vegetables.

Entrees can be served:
• Individually ***
• Combination plate (2 smaller portions per plate) *****
• Buffet style (please note that buffet style is not unlimited)**

Preorders are also available with 5 choices to choose from.

• Mediterranean Seafood Salad
• Grilled Chicken Caesar or Grilled Chicken Garden Salad
• Noveu Cobb Salad
• Grilled Vegetable Salad
• Bowtie pasta Gardinera (oil & garlic sauce)
• 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken
• Pirogies (Vareniki) or Pelmeni (Russian style dumplings)

• Beef Stroganoff A La St. Petersburg
• Chicken Mediterranean (chicken breast marinated in herbs & grilled with veggies)
• Chicken Breast Florentine (on a bed of spinach with Buerre Blanc sauce)
• Chicken ala Kiev

• Maple Rosemary Salmon
• Sauteed Tilapia Florentine
• Beef Tenderloin Schnitzel (filet medallions sauteed with Dijon butter crumbs)
• Shrimp Scampi (sauteed with Roma tomatoes, spinach & lemon butter sauce)
• Moscovian Duck

• N.Y Strip Del Monico
• Black Angus Filet Mignon
• New Zealand Rack of Lamb
• Catch of the day

Beverages:  (free refill) Coffee, tea or pop


Banquet Policies Details & Contract


Final confirmation of the guaranteed number of guests attending your party is required by noon one business day prior to the event. You will be charged for the guaranteed number of guests.


We require a deposit of $200.00 to hold any of our smaller rooms & $500.00 to hold large rooms (Fountain Room & Imperial Banquet Room). All deposits are credited at the end of your event.

Aditional Charges

All applicable State & local taxes and a service charge of 19% will be added to all food & beverage charges. We reserve the right to assess a room charge for parties where food & beverage charges are below accepted standards.


All deposits are not refundable after the room has been booked. Zhivago Restaurant does not allow any outside food or beverage to be brought onto the premises without prior approval.


Valet parking can be available at the rate of $3.00 per car. The parking can be sponsored by the host or left to the discretion of the guests.

Custom Amenities

We will be glad to arrange any additional amenities you desire including: floral arrangements, table linens, ice-carvings, entertainment, photography, customized menu cards & audio-visual aids.

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