Banquet Menu

Banquet Menu


 Package #1

Cold appetizers:
1. Smoked fish assortment
2. Zakuska “ Pod rumochku”(pickled assortment)
3. Seafood salad (shrimp, mussels, crabmeat, spinach & vinaigrette dressing)
4. famous Liver Pate
5. Meat Assortments (home made style)
6. Baltic Herring with vinegrette salad
7. Olivie (potato salad with meat) or Similar Salad
8. Mixed Vegetable salad (Greek or Traditional Style)
9. Caesar salad (Zhivago Style)
10. Eggplant Spread with crostini

Hot appetizers:
1. Potatoes with mushrooms
2. Homemade fire crackers with Asian sauce
3. Siberian Pelmeni

Entrees: served family style
1. Chicken Kebob
2. Chicken Lula Kebob
3. Pork Shashlik
4. Cutlet Pozharskaya or President patty
5. Rice, potato and vegetables
6. Cheffs Special (meat or fish)

Beverages: Coffee, tea
Liquor: 1 btl Wine and 1 Champagne (for each 10 ppl)
Dessert: “ Fantazia”- Assorted pastries (add assorted fruits for $2 per person)

Price: $49.99 per person + tax + gratuity


 Package #2

Cold appetizers:
1. Fish assortment (Malosolenaya)
2. Seafood salad (shrimps, mussels, crabmeat, spinach & vinaigrette dressing)
3. Zakuska “ Pod rumochku”(pickled assortment)
4.Famous Liver Pate
5. Salad “ Olivie” or similar salad
6. Brosheta Evropa
7. Meat Assortments (Myasnaya Lavka)
8. Wild game (oven slow roasted Cornish hen) or Roasted Duck
9. Caesar Salad ala Zhivago
10. Russian Vegetable Salad (Vesenniy)
11. Eggplant spread (Izrailskiy) with Warm crostini
12. Special of the day from Zhivago

Hot appetizers:
1. Potatoes with mushrooms and Azu (Stroganoff)
2. Mushroom Zhuliene
3. Homemade firecrackers with Asian sauce
4. Siberian Pelmeni or vareniki with perfect condiments

Entrees: served family style
1. Gifts of the Sea (Catch of the Day)
2. Chicken Lula Kebob
3. Pork Shashlik
4. Cheffs Special
5. Chicken Kebob
6. Kotleta “President”
7. Rice, vegetables and Yukon Potato with dill

Beverages: water, coffee, tea, Fresh Fruits Compot
Liquor: 1 btl Wine and 1 Champagne (for each 10 ppl)
Dessert: “Fantazia”- Assorted fruit plate & assorted pastries (fantazia)

Price: $59.99 per person + tax + gratuity


Saturday Package

Cold appetizers:
1. Fish assortment and salmon tartar on wonton Crisp
2. Whole Smoked Baby Sterlyad Sturgeon
3. Zakuska “Pod Rumochku” – pickled assortment
4. Seafood salad Karavella (fried calamary, shrimp, mussels, crabmeat, spinach & vinaigrette dressing)
5. Tuscan Meat Assortment on Wood table (Myasnaya Lavka)
6. Japanise Crabmeat salad (Kamchatskiy) rolled in cucumber Cups.
7. Wild game (slow oven roasted Cornish hen) or Roasted Duck
8. Salad”Olivie” or Similar Salad
9.Red caviar & mini Riga sardines on French baguette
10.Russian vegetable salad ( teriyaki or Greek style)
11. Caesar Dressing salad (Romaine, Croutons, Shaved Parmesan, Zhivago classic)
12. Chef’s Special (changes seasonally)
13. Eggplant spread (Izrailskiy) with Cheese warm crostini

Hot appetizers:
1. Potatoes roasted ( Little Ukraine) with mushrooms + Azu (Stroganoff)
2. Seafood Exravaganza
3. Wild Mushroom Zhuliene
4. Homemade Firecrackers with Asian sauce
5. Siberian Pelmeni or Manty Eastern style

Entrees: served family style (if you would like entrée individually let us know)
1. Gift of the sea (Daily Catch)
2. Lula Kebob
3. Pork Shashlik or Schnitzel
4. Cutlet President
5. Chicken Kebob
6. Deluxe Chef’s Special (changes seasonally)
7. Rice (plow available also) and Yukon boiled potato with dill

Beverages: Fresh Fruits Compot or pop, coffee, tea
Liquor: 1 Wine and 1 Champagne btl (for each 10 ppl)
Dessert: “Fantazia” – Assorted fruit plate & assorted Euro Style pastries.

Price: $69.99 per person + tax + gratuity


Deluxe Package

Cold Appetizers:
1. Jumbo Shrimp shooter with coctail Sauce
2. Seared Tuna and Tuna Avocado Tartar on wonton Crisp
3. Pearl Seafood Salad with Fried calamary and shrimps
4. Deluxe Assorted Hiro Sushi Rolls
5. Whole Boneless Lake Trout or Sterliad ( for 10 ppl)
6. Premium decorated Fish Assortment (Salmon filet & Sturgeon filet)
7. Deluxe Meat Assortment and Imported Cheese
8. Japanese Seaweed & Crab Meat Salad rolled in cucumber
9. Mixed Russian Style Pickled Veggies Combo & Premium Mushrooms
10. Greek Style Mix Organic Vegetables Salad with Feta cheese and premium olives
11. Fresh Blinis topped with Red Caviar, Creme Fraiche and Sniped Chives
12. Teriyaki Eel Salad on Cucumber Beds
13. Grilled Vegeatable salad with Duck Breast or Whole Roasted Duck
14. Molino Beef Carpaccio and Kale & Classic Caesar Salad
15. Chefs Special (changes seasonally)

Hot Appetizers:
1. Potatoes (zharenaya little Ukraine) with sauce  and mushrooms
2. Caribbean Style Paella with Saffron Rice, Clams, Mussels, Shrimps, Scallops
3. Rosemary Roasted Baby Rack of Lamb with cous cous
4. Wild Mushroom julienne
5. Chebureki Rolls (with Perfect Dijon Sauce)

Sorbet served before entrée
Entrees: Served individually for each person
3 oz Petite Tenderloin of beef & Grilled Salmon Filet or Similar Fish ( Risotto and Veggies)
Beverages: Assorted Sodas, Fresh Fruits Compot, Pellegrino or juice , Coffee, Tea & Coffee glaisse
Dessert: Assorted Fruit Plate & Dessert Served family style (Viennese Display)
Liquor: 1 btl Deluxe vodka, 1 btl red wine, 1 btl white wine for 10 ppl.

Package includes:
• Candelabras
• Special white & Gold China
Special Items we recommend at extra cost:
• Crystal Glassware is available
• Specialty Table Cloth
• Specialty Napkins
• Chair Covers
• Specialty fruits & berries- Market Price
• All liquor needed will be provided at promo cost
• Ask host for any other recommendation

Price: $99.99 per person + tax + gratuity

(minimum 10 people if less- the price will change)


Premium Package

Premium Bar:

Tequila, “Kettle One” Vodka, Red & White Wine, VSOP Cognac, Martinis, Champagne, Juice & Mixes ( 1 hour included)

Display reception stations:
• Blue sea bar ( Chilled Seafood on ice and Oysters served with basil laced Coctail sauce)

• Carving Stations ( Whole poached Salmon or Roasted Pig) if more than 50 people

• SushiDisplay ( Tuna, Eel, Rolls, Salmon Cucumber, served with soy & ginger)

• Tuscan Table ( Salami, Prosciutto D’Parma, Burrata, Parmesan Breadsticks)

On the Tables (for 10 ppl):
Bottle of Premium Vodka and 2 bottles of Pemium wine or champagne

Cold Appetizers:
1. House Curred Smoked Salmon & Smoked sturgeon and traditional Condiments
2. Pan Seared Tuna & Seaweed & Tuna tartars on wonton Crisp
3. Traditional Caprese Salad, Mozarela, Tomatoes, Basil, Olive Oil and Balsamic
4. Shrimp Coctail & Crab Legs and Blody Mary Ceviche ( individual)
5. Fresh Blinis and Oladushki topped with Red Caviar, Creme Fraiche, chives
6. Cheese and Fruits Display ( assorted Cheeses garnished with Fresh Friut, Nuts)
7. Grilled Vegetable Salad with Duck breast fillet & nuts
8. Premium Pickled Assortment & wild mushrooms
9. Tiger Tempura Crisp Shrimp and Calamary Steak Salad
10. Whole Boneless Lake Trout with red caviar decor
11. Teriyaki smoked Eel on Cucumber cups
12. Japanese Crabmeat & Seaweed Salad & spicy seafood salad
13. Beef tongue & white reddish salad
14. Carpaccio Beef Mulino and Truffle oil and Romaine, Caesar Dressing and Parmesan

Hot Appetizers:
1. Potatoes ( home style or French) with Wild Mushrooms ragout and sauce
2. Pan Seared Foe Gras on Pear or potato Latkes (individual)
3. Cold water lobster tail and Seafood risotto (individual)
4. Wonton Chebureki ( little Ukraine)
5. Caribbean Style Paella with Saffron Rice, Shrimps, Clams, Mussels, Scallops

Sorbet Fruit before Entree
New Silverware

Main Course with attendant reception:
Rosemary crusted Rack of Lamb, Petite Tenderloin, Mahi-Mahi & Potatoes & Asparagus
Fruit: Whole and sliced fresh Fruit Display (exclusive style )
Dessert: Assorted Mini tarts and euro style pastry mix (Viennese Display)
Beverages: Coffee glaisse, cranberry juice, pop in bottles, Freshly Brewed coffee and Assorted tea
Crystal Glassware, Premium Gold and Platinum China, Candelabras

Price: $135.99 per person +tax+ 17% tip
Price without Buffet: $120.00 per person +tax+17% tip




Package “Domashniy”

Read/Print in: Russian



Kid’s Menu

Shrimp Cocktail

Caesar Salad

Olive Salad

Pop Corn

Assortment of Vegetables with Ranch

Potato Chips

Cheese Pizza

Bow Tie Pasta with Marinara or Alfredo Sauce

Chicken Nuggets


Pigs is blankets

Mozzarella Sticks

Unlimited Pop

Ice Cream


Prices & Items are subject to change without notice. Deposit needed to book a party. All deposits are non refundable, but can be transferred. You will be responsible for paying the package price according to the number of people which you ordered. Please, confirm your guest count pm Wednesday of the week of reservation. Final count is due by 3 pm on the day of reservation. INITIAL

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